Sequentially Numbered Labels Overview

Consecutively or sequentially numbered labels are labels with serial alpha-numeric or numeric signs printed on them. Alpha-numeric labels contain letters as well as numbers (e.g. AX001, AX002…) and numeric labels only contain letters. They are used in many industries for all kinds of product identification, control, tracking and organization.

Sequentially numbered labels can be pre-printed and available for adding variable data, or supplied blank on rolls or sheets, and printed on-demand. They can be human-readable (simple numbers that anyone can see), bar-coded (scannable by barcode readers or phones), or containing both a serial number and a barcode. They can also contain any non-variable information, such as the company’s title, logo, etc.

The numbers on sequentially numbered labels can contain different number of digits, depending on your needs. For example, they can be in a series of three-digit numbers, like 001, 002, 003, or in a series of ten-digit numbers: 0000000001, 0000000002… The first sequentially numbered label does not have to start from 1. You can choose what numeric or alpha-numeric sign your sequentially numbered interval will start from. Also, you can decide whether you want each label to have its own unique number, or if you want several labels to have the same number. You can add prefixes, suffixes or any additional sign you desire.

Sequentially numbered labels make business and product management much easier. Let’s take a closer look at how and where these labels are used.